211730, Budachi village,
Dokshytsy area, Vitebsk region,
Republic of Belarus
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We offer a wide range of bus and walking tours:


Hop on/hop off tour:

• Palace Square;
• City Hall Square;
• Dormition Cathedral
• Annunciation Church (XII century)
• Open-air amphitheater;
• Marc Chagall museum.


Hop on/hop off tour:

• National library;
• Trinity suburb,
• Island of tears;
• Victory Square, Independence Square;
• Yakub Kolas Square;
• Church of Saints Simon and Helena;
• Victors Avenue;
• Cathedral Square.


The program includes:

• Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum;
• Free time.


Belarusian spiritual heritage program includes:

• Church of all the Saints;
• Saint Elisabeth Convent;
• Church of Saints Simon and Helena;
• Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary;
• Holy Spirit Cathedral;
• Kirmash shopping mall
• Lido bistro restaurant;
• Komarovsky market.


Hop on/hop off tour:

• Convent of Saint Euphrosyne;
• Historical sites;
• Organ recital in the Cathedral of Saint Sophia.


Hop on/hop off tour:

• Museum of history and ethnography;
• Catholic church;
• Orthodox church;
• Udelo village: active monastery;
• Mosar village: Saint Anna Church.


Dudutki Museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies
The program includes:

• visiting of the church, mill, forging shop, pottery shop, etc.;
• tasting of home-made bread, cheese, butter, honey, homebrew;
• horse-riding;
• Belarusian souvenirs.


Hop on/hop off tour:

• Stary Mlyn crafts house;
• Tyzenhaus Palace (1788);
• Saint Taddeus Cathedral (XVIII century);
• Saint Nikolas Church (1894);
• Saint Anthony of Padua Church (XIX century);
• Saint John the Baptists fortified church (XVII-XVIII centuries)


The program includes:

• Nesvizh Castle (1583);
• City Hall (XVI century);
• Corpus Christi Church.


The program includes:

• Museum of People’s Glory.


Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve
The program includes:

• Museum of Nature;
• open-air cage with wild animals;
• Forest zoo.


Khatyn State Memorial Complex
The program includes:

• excursion;
• exhibition of documents.


Stalin Line historical and cultural complex
The program includes:

• military equipment;
• air defense weapons;
• guerilla village;
• free time in Minsk.


Ozertso village
Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle
The program includes

• historical and ethnographical lifestyle of Belarusian regions: Central Belarus, Podneprovie and Poozerie.


Mir town settlement
The program includes:

• Mir Castle Complex (site tour);

Self-guided tour:

• Chapel church, two towers, prison basement.


Dokshytsky venok
Hop on/hop off tour:

• Dokshytsy;
• Parafiyanovo;
• Sitsy;
• Khodorovka Memorial Complex;
• Porplishche.

To schedule a tour, please call at 5-75-13 or visit the club from 2.00pm to 11.00pm.

211730, Budachi village,
Dokshytsy area, Vitebsk region,
Republic of Belarus

+375 2157 33463, (33458)
+375 29 3442040

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