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Rules and Documents

Rules and Documents


  1. Upon arrival, you shall provide your passport, health resort voucher and a health resort card (extract from medical records required for health resort treatment) issued at least one month before the arrival. If you fail to provide the health resort card, any prescriptions are to be made only after a paid examination by a physician.
  2. We accept only duly executed health resort vouchers certified by the seal and signature of an issuing company. We do not accept persons, who have medical contraindications to health resort treatment.
  3. You shall arrive in due time specified in your health resort voucher.
  4. If you fail to arrive in due time, we neither prolong the period of stay nor refund money partially or in full. If you check-out ahead of schedule, we also do not refund money and do not provide a packed lunch.
  5. You shall not transfer your health resort voucher to any other person.
  6. We do not accept children aged 3-18, if they have no health-resort vouchers or relevant documents (a health certificate on communicable diseases issued at least 5 days prior to the arrival, extract from medical records for health resort treatment and a certificate of vaccination issued at least 1 month before the arrival).
  7. If you have a health resort voucher for a shortened period of treatment, the number of procedures prescribed shall be reduced pro-rata.
  8. When check-in, you shall pay a resort fee amounting to 5% of the cost of your health resort voucher (Clause 1.3 of Decision No.86 as of November 25, 2016 of Dokshytsy Regional Council of Deputies).
  9. Below is the list of persons exempted from a resort fee:
    • citizens affected by the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant;
    • children under 18 years of age;
    • persons disabled from childhood;
    • persons with Group I and II disability;
    • persons, who accompany persons with Group I disability and disabled children under 18 years of age;
    • employees of educational establishments, who accompany groups of children;
    • old-age pensioners of the Republic of Belarus have a 50% discount.
  1. Foreign citizens shall duly register.
  2. No animals, birds, weapons, inflammable substances or goods, bicycles shall be kept in rooms.
  3. The secure car park is paid.



A discount (on the applicable prices for health resort vouchers) shall be provided, if a room assigned to a particular number of persons, is occupied by more persons:

    • children under 1 year of age (including a check-in day) get a 90% discount on the cost of a weekend break;
    • children aged 1-3 (including a check-in day) get a 75% discount on the cost of a health resort voucher or weekend break;
    • children aged 3-14 get a 50% discount on health resort vouchers and health-improvement vouchers;
    • children aged 14-18 get a 25% discount on health resort vouchers and health-improvement vouchers;
    • adults get a 15% discount on on health resort vouchers and health-improvement vouchers;
    • adults get a 10% discount on health-improvement vouchers, which include treatment programs.

If a room assigned to two persons is occupied by one person, the price for the “extra” bed shall be calculated in accordance with the applicable prices for weekend breaks (less of meals and treatment), considering the number of actual bed-days.

If a voucher is purchased by the person entitled to multiple discounts, the total amount of discounts shall not increase the amount of a maximal discount the person is entitled to.

211730, Budachi village,
Dokshytsy area, Vitebsk region,
Republic of Belarus

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