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Price Lists

Price Lists

A minimal period of staying at health resort is 12 days. It is considered that at least 12 days of treatment are required to get a positive effect on your health.

We also offer health-improvement vouchers for 7 days (such vouchers are available from October to April, except for the period of New Year holidays). Meals, accommodation and leisure activities are included into the price. You may also purchase medical services after consulting a physician (medical services are paid for separately).

Besides, you may choose a weekend break, which includes only accommodation and leisure activities. Meals and medical services are at additional charge.

Check-in/check-out hours:

Check-in is after 12.00pm on the first day of your tour

Check-out is not later than 10am on the day next to the last day of your tour

Below is the list of the procedures included into a voucher:

Number of Procedures
Examination by a physician
1Attending physician3455
2Medical specialistsaccording to indications
Treatment and rehabilitation
1Swimming-pooldaily except for the cleaning day,
(2nd and 4th day of month)
2One type of hydrothepeutic procedures: baths (pearl, iodine-bromine, pine pearl, contrast) or showers (Charcot, fan, contrast, rising) at option56810
3Halotherapyaccording to indications
(according to a primary disease specified in a patient’s health resort card)
4Gynecological irrigationaccording to indications
5Inhalations (1 type at option)56810
6Physical therapydaily except for the days-off
7Manual massage (1.5 zones)
or mechanical massage (Nuga Best or Ormed relax)
8Drug therapyaccording to urgent and emergency indications
9Mineral water drinking therapyaccording to indications, not more than 1 type
10Psychological relaxationaccording to indications
11Heat therapy (paraffin and ozocerite)
or mud therapy (Lake Sudobl sapropel mud)
(1 type at option, 1 zone at option)
12Terrainkur (controlled walking)according to indications
13Phytotherapy (1 type of tea at option)56810
14Electro-light therapy9
(1 type)
(1 type)
(2 types)
(2 types)

If you have no contraindications and free time, you may also purchase any of the above procedures or other paid services.

211730, Budachi village,
Dokshytsy area, Vitebsk region,
Republic of Belarus

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+375 29 3442040

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